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Some of us struggle for months, or years in the fight to be smaller in size. Being fat is not fun, this is coming from someone who has been fat several times. If you have bought every product on the health food store shelves and stocked up on dozens of getting skinny products from your online stores only to find the same results, welcome to the club. Are You Tired of Being Fat? takes all of us on a journey to find the secrets of not being fat anymore. This is not some fad diet plan where you eat 300 calories a day and die. Actually, this is a simple self help book on finding many ways to helping you get to your desired size in timely, safe, manner. Taking some time out of your busy schedule to read Are You Tired of Being Fat? just might save your life…

It is reality approximately half of the world population is starving and yes approximately the other half of the world population is either over weight or desiring to change their body size to a different look.

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Are You Tired of Being Fat book by Richard A Reed